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Entur’s mission is to enable and increase the use of public transport in Norway.

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In May 2015, the Norwegian government presented a new railway reform as a step towards an improved railway offering for passengers and the freight industry.

The introduction to competition on the traffic shall contribute to a better offering for the passengers, open the railway sector for new thoughts and make sure that the government gains more for their resource allocations in the sector. Read more about the railway reform.

Established in 2016, Entur is owned by The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Our services are divided in to two specific areas:

Sales provider for rail operators

Entur provides sales and ticketing solutions for all rail operators in Norway. In addition, Entur has customer service centers at Oslo Airport, Oslo Central Station and in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. Entur also operates two call centers, located in Trondheim and Lillehammer. The centers provides sales and service assistance on behalf of the rail operators. As of spring 2018, Entur handles approximately 21 million train tickets and 500,000 client enquiries per year.

National hub for public transport information

Entur operates the national registry for all public transport in Norway, collecting data from 60 public transportation operators. The registry contains data about 21,000 daily departures on 3,000 routes. This data is open and free of use for app and service developers. Visit developer.entur.org for more information.

Based on this registry Entur also provides Norway’s public transport route planner “Entur”. Via our website travelers can plan journeys door to door across Norway.

Entur is developing services that enables ticket-sales across rail operators, ensuring an easy-to-use  booking and price information system for the public. These solutions will be available for the train operators to implement in self-owned sales channels.

Entur is headquartered in Oslo, and has 300 employees.

Entur's Board of Directors