OpenStreetMap & Entur

Entur is a state owned organization subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications tasked to make it easier for people to use public transport.

We were established on October 15th 2016 and provide sales and ticketing platforms for public transport operators in Norway. Entur also provide customer services that make it easy to plan, compare and buy tickets across all public transport modes, such as bus, train, ferry, subway, and tram. This includes a travel planning service running on open source software which includes OpenTripPlanner and OpenStreetMap.

Because we use OpenStreetMap, a close cooperation with its community is very important to us. Because our needs are specific and not always covered by the community efforts, we have invested in contributing to the map on a large scale. We have clarified our intentions for our mapping here, and intend to follow the OSMF organised mapping policy.

Because we also act as a public service repository of all Norwegian public transport data, we can offer OpenStreetMap or any third party service access our data in return, thus creating a virtous circle of information.

What we can offer OpenStreetMap

  • The official data set of all public transport stops in Norway (airports and some non-domestic stops are included but not official).
  • All route data for all transport modes within Norway.
    • Journey planner API
    • Departure-board API
    • Stop registry API/NeTEx/GTFS
    • All public transport routes in Norway API/NeTEx/GTFS
    • Files and API’s can be found at Please contact for API-related questions.

What we fetch from OpenStreetMap

  • Road network for routing for foot, cars and boats in Norway. We use this for address-to-public transport routing, interchange between stops/platforms routing, and last-mile car routing for areas with low- or no public transport coverage.
  • Certain Points of interest to populate our geocoder.

Our mapping team

  • Johan Wiklund, mapping director & point of contact
  • Fredrik Edler, senior mapper
  • Ben Ivar Mosfjeld, junior mapper
  • Håkon Fjelstad, junior mapper
  • Jan Brekke, junior mapper
  • Brede Dammen, junior mapper
  • Gard Mellemstrand, junior mapper

Former members of our team